Steering Committee

The steering committee is the advisory board that is positioned with high-level international
experts and representatives providing direction to meet the objectives of the Prize.

  • Jennifer Cowley

    President of University of Texas

  • Yves Daccord

    Executive Chairman & Co-founder of Edgelands Institute

  • Ajit Manocha

    President & CEO of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)

  • Se-Hoon Oh

    Mayor of Seoul

    President of WeGO

  • Joanna Rubinstein

    Chair of the Board, Sweden for UNHCR
    Council Member, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Leadership Council
    Commissioner Alumna, UN Broadband Commision

  • Frank Rijsberman

    Director General of Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Organizing Committee

The members of the Organizing Committee are experts from the public and private that will lead the operation of the Seoul Smart City Prize and oversee the consultation bodies to work in successful partnership.

  • Sungbin Yim

    Chairman of the Prize Organizing Committee

  • M. Jae Moon

    Chairman of the Prize Organizing Committee

  • Urs Gasser

    Professor of Public Policy, Governance and Innovative Technology
    Dean of the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology

  • Young-Sik Jeong

    Professor, Dongkuk University - AI Software Convergence

  • Mohamed Kande

    Vice Chairman, US & Global Advisory Leader at Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP (PWC)

  • Saul Kattan

    Founder and President of Kattan Consulting Chair of The Board of Directors of Ecopetrol

  • Danil Kerimi

    Co-Founder of Edgelands Institute

  • Byoung Joon Kim

    Professor in the Department of Public Administration at Kookmin University
    Vice President for General Affairs at Kookmin University

  • Bruno Lanvin

    President of Smart City Observatory, International Institute for Management Development (IMD)

  • Seok Won Lee

    Professor at Graduate School of Public Administration and Executive Director of Center for International Development Evaluation, Seoul National University

  • Daniel Oh

    Associate Professor, Korea University, Department of Smart City

  • Eui-Sung Yi

    Partner at Morphosis Architects and the Director of The Now Institute

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee evaluate the submitted applications and select the semi-finalists.
The Evaluation Committee consists of 15 relevant experts recommended
by the WeGO Secretariat considering the needed expertise for each category.

  • Danil Kerimi

  • Donyun Kim

  • Urs Gasser

  • Monty Metzger

  • Margot de Groot van Embden

  • Eunhee Roh

  • Mauricio Benavides

  • Patrick Roberts

  • Sungbin Yim

  • Hyung-soo Park

    Seoul Institute

  • M. Jae Moon

  • Seok Won Lee

  • Minah Kang

  • Bruno Lanvin

    IMD Special Mention

  • Dukwoo Jun

    GGGI Special Mention