Seoul Smart City Prize Introduction Seoul Smart City Prize Introduction

The global pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation, it has caused numerous people, especially vulnerable groups, to be excluded from the benefits of a digital society and has widened the digital divide even further. For such a time as this, it is more important than ever to shape the future of cities to become “people-centered” in encompassing the vulnerable and in providing more accessible services for all citizens.

Responding to the evolving landscape of global smart city trends and the objective of bringing people centered smart city development to achieve inclusive growth, the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO), and its President City, Seoul, presents the Seoul Smart City Prize.

Sharing the vision of the people-centered smart city, WeGO and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, deliver our commitment to create an agenda that promotes the global efforts in building inclusive and citizen-centric cities. Being cognizant of the importance of an innovative yet inclusive smart city model that looks after underprivileged groups, WeGO and Seoul Metropolitan Government will pursue cooperation with fellow cities, companies, and organizations around the world to find exemplary cases and commend them through the Seoul Smart City Prize. We are committed to promoting and ensuring an inclusive digitalization of public services that benefit all people in sectors ranging from mobility, safety, welfare, environment, energy, culture, and governance.

The Seoul Smart City Prize will receive applications from cities, companies, organizations, and individuals that have developed or contributed to innovative and people-centered smart cities – in fields such as transportation, safety, energy, environment, welfare, culture, and governance. Winners of the Prize will be invited to the Award Ceremony in Seoul. Winners will also be able to participate in a capacity-building training program the following year which will facilitate peer-to-peer learning among leading cities and organizations and will be given an opportunity to collaborate with the Seoul Metropolitan Government on a smart city project on various models including but not limited to feasibility study and a pilot implementation, triangular cooperation, and collaborative demonstration which will be customized to the selected cities’ smart city development stages and policy needs.

WeGO, together with Seoul, would like to extend an invitation to you to take part in the Seoul Smart City Prize. We believe that your engagement in this Prize will shed light on the significance of innovative and inclusive smart cities.

Seoul Smart City Prize Organizing Committee