Seoul Smart City Prize Introduction Seoul Smart City Prize Introduction


The Seoul Smart City Prize is designed to promote an innovative yet inclusive smart city model that looks after underprivileged groups in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is driven by information and communication technology. This core mission serves as the basis of the two categories of the Prize, Tech-InnovaCity and Human-CentriCity, as WeGO and the Seoul Metropolitan Government envisions that smart city should be defined and measured in terms of being both people-centric and technology-centric, rather than merely being centered around the advancement of technology.

Seoul Smart City Prize Objective Seoul Smart City Prize Objective


The Seoul Prize aims to acknowledge efforts made for people-centered digital transformation that benefit the vulnerable population with innovative or tech-driven solutions; promote the inclusive development agenda for key processes and frameworks surrounding digitalization of public services; engage the global community in shaping the future direction of digitalization by offering a space for discussion; and foster interaction and networking opportunities among relevant stakeholders in the smart city development sector.


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